stiffy stiff link

Low visibility super stiff hooklink. Perfect for stiff rigs, chods or combi-links in three colours and breaking strains to suit many applications. Also useful as a low visibility shockleader.

Available in Green, Black and Clear, in 20lb, 25lb and 30lb test.




  We do not stock a huge range of unnecessary braids, just one soft reliable sinking braid that leaves all others in the dark. Instead of listening to all the hype regarding braids, just answer a few questions: Does it sink? Is it far more supple than it’s’ competitors? Will it increase pick-ups? If the answers are not all ‘Yes’ you are not using Touchdown, you should be.

Available in 24lb




  10 metre spools of leader material made from five strands of 4lb Riverge Fluorocarbon fused together to give a strength of 20lbs. The strands are easily separated to give a five strand hook link, or by removing strands, a 16, 12, 8lb etc link.

The ultimate in presentation for semi-stiff or supple rigs.

Also ideal for multiple hair set-ups.